Process Sphere, the revolutionary approach to process mining

In a previous article, we introduced you to the Keynotes and the products announced at the Celonis 4th annual user conference, the Celosphere.
In this article, we will focus on the Process Sphere, a new process mining technology that enables a multidimensional understanding of processes and all the interdependencies associated with a company’s activity.
While today’s tool only provides a 2D view of business processes, Process Sphere offers a 3D view comparable to an MRI in terms of analysis depth.
A major way to achieve this: Evaluate multiple processes at the same time as the existing relationships between them.
“Activities and processes are not isolated from each other. They occur in parallel,” said co-founder and co-CEO Alexander Rinke. “In the same way that X-rays evolved into MRIs, we now give you a 3D picture.”
What does it look like?
The solution introduces an easy-to-use user interface, allowing any business professional to navigate processes as easily as with Google Maps.
Vaishnavi Sashikanth, Chief Engineering Officer of Celonis, said, “Process Sphere has a re-imagined object-centric approach, as well as a new visualization engine similar to a metro map.”

For the first time in Celonis, we can distinguish events that occur exclusively, indicated by diamonds, from events that occur simultaneously, indicated by horizontal bars.
In addition to these new parallel behavior detection features, the product offers new filtering capabilities, which can quickly unveil hidden inefficiencies between process crosspoints.
According to Celonis, Process Sphere is a major technological breakthrough, connecting what was previously unconnected and enabling the understanding of true relationships between business objects.
Real-Life Projection
For instance, customers can connect their end-to-end supply chain and understand the relationships between things like orders, purchasing requests, invoices and shipments.
In the case of a delayed supplier payment, it is now possible to view the impact of the delay on other business units/departments as well as the impact on end customers.
Process Sphere is already being embraced!
The giant consumer goods company Mars intends to use Process Sphere to accelerate the value it can extract from process improvements. A Celonis user since 2016, the company has been able to identify hidden value in its process and realize that value with direct financial gains in its P&L. It has also been able to optimize supply chain processes to help reduce carbon emissions to achieve sustainability goals.
Adeel Fudda,VP Intelligence, Automation and Emerging Technologies at Mars said, “Process Sphere will enable Mars to accelerate and extend process improvements to other functional areas, and to connect siloed processes, with the objective of understanding the end-to-end journey.”
Let’s get to the point
In a nutshell:

  • Process Sphere is a new object-centric exploration technology that will provide decision makers with a realistic and a multidimensional view of objects and events.
  • It introduces a simplified view similar to a subway map, easy to use and capable of integrating and interconnecting all business factors in the analysis.
  • It also offers a shortened time to insight with new analytical components integrated into the view.

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