Celosphere 2022: Celonis breaks new ground in Process Mining

The most awaited event of the year for all Celonis users was held in Munich on 9th and 10th of November 22. 

At this conference, customers such as Pfizer, Allianz, Shell, DHL, Nokia, Lufthansa, Siemens, Zalando, Bosch, MSD, BMW, Skoda, etc., discussed the value realized through Process Mining, and highlighted the importance of modernizing processes in order to drastically improve operational performance and meet the challenges of climate change.

Celonis founders and co-CEOs (Alexander Rinke and Martin Klenk) also shared their vision and unveiled, along with Chief Product Officer Ariel Bardin, the next generation of the Celonis platform: major new features in the world of process mining that give users more perspective, flexibility and accessibility in their analyses.

Celonis launched, in front of a community of 20,000 people (researchers, customers, partners, …), the Celonis Process Sphereand the Celonis Business Miner, two very powerful and interdependent products, giving business users a wide and multi-dimensional view on the entire ecosystem of the company.

Celonis Process Sphere

Comparable to an MRI that allows doctors to diagnose and cure diseases, Celonis explains that Process Sphere will give decision makers three-dimensional perspectives and the ability to integrate and interconnect all business elements in diagnosis, analysis, and process improvement.

According to Celonis, Process Sphere will provide

– A realistic view of processes based on objects and events, through the new object-centric exploration technology.

– A simplified view similar to a “subway map” based on an innovative semantic language.

– A reduced time-to-insight with new analytic components integrated into the view.

Celonis Business Miner 

Celonis Business Miner is the first intelligent process investigation technology and the first collaborative workspace. 

This new tool offers all business users a new way to easily investigate, communicate and collaborate on process optimization issues and opportunities. The objective is to mobilize teams and resources to work together on the actions needed to improve operational performance. 

Prior to Business Miner, process exploration required advanced technical expertise. From now on, any user can start chasing process optimization opportunities.

OntraaK will soon explain more, in an upcoming article.

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