OntraaK’s way

A direct impact on your processes performance

1 – Performance assessment
Thanks to the Process Mining tools that we connect to your information system, you get in just a few weeks a complete visibility of how your processes actually run on a daily basis
2 – Identification of potential gains
Based on your performance targets, we identify together the areas of improvement and potential gains:
  • Improved customer satisfaction

  • Operational and financial gains

  • Positive impact on employee experience

3 – Optimization and Automation
We optimize your processes with concrete improvement and automation solutions to achieve the expected gains
4 – Operational Effectiveness Management
We help you monitor daily the adherence of the operational reality to the target processes and performance indicators, in a logic of progressive and continuous improvement

Step by step OntraaK’s approach

A progressive approach based on the masurement and achievement of qualitative and quantitative gains
  • 01.
    Project scoping

    We identify together your objectives, the connections to be put in place to collect your data and a first pilot process

  • 02.
    Value assessment

    We identify your processes and select those for which it is possible to make the most tangible and maximized gains.

  • 03.

    We extend data collection and implementation of optimization and automation solutions to the other selected processes.

  • 04.
    Process monitoring

    We set up a dashboard to monitor the operational efficiency of your processes, in a continuous improvement logic

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