Business Miner, the democratization of process mining 

At Celosphere 2022, Celonis announced the launch of Business Miner, a new EMS feature that enables business professionals to detect and fix faulty processes through an easy-to-use, question-and-answer interface. 

With the launch of Business Miner, Celonis aims to democratize process mining technology, creating enterprise applications that are easy to use by any user of the tool.  

The goal of this technology is to provide unlimited access to all business users in order to detect anomalies, inefficient loops, as well as optimization opportunities of existing processes in the company. Celonis Business Miner allows you to accurately scan your business systems for hidden processes and then mobilize the appropriate team, resources and actions around the process.  

“Before Business Miner, process mining required deep technical expertise. From now on, any business user can contribute to identifying sources of savings through process optimization,” says the editor. Indeed, three new features are included in Business Miner, making its use very intuitive: 

  1. A guided welcome and onboarding: With Business Miner, new Celonis EMS users receive an email invitation that guides them through a streamlined onboarding process and security authentication. 
  • A Q&A-based exploration: A new Q&A-based interface provides users with key questions related to a selected business process, such as “What is the distribution of early, late and on-time payments?” Business Miner then provides a set of pre-made visuals that guide the user to key information for specific KPIs and provides follow-up questions such as “What is the root cause of my late payments?” or “How can I improve my on-time payment rate?” With this question-based analytics functionality, users get actionable insights without having to filter OLAP tables, write complex PQL code or wait for a process specialist. 
Business Miner curated KPI visualizations and follow-up questions
  • A collaborative and information-sharing space: With just a few clicks, users can capture an overview from the Business Miner interface and invite other users within the organization to view, collaborate and discuss the overview directly in Celonis EMS. Insights are contextual, secure and connected to support quality of collaboration. In this way, Celonis Business Miner acts as a communication and collaboration space, so that the right teams can be mobilized and work within a real communication platform.

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